Fox - EP

by Phil Hancock

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Sophomore EP


released April 1, 2016

All songs written by Phil Hancock
Produced & mixed by Yanto Browning
Mastering by Leon Zervos @ Studios 301
Piano & vocals by Phil Hancock
Drums by Kai Patch
Bass Guitar by Adam Brill
Guitars by Yanto Browning
Violin by Sophie Castriota
Cello by Jonathan Kinmont

CD Photography by Yaseera Moosa
Clothing from Grandma Funk
Hair by Jasmine McDonald @ Naturally Vintage Hair



all rights reserved


Phil Hancock Brisbane, Australia

Phil Hancock is a balladeer.

His music has been christened as “theatrical piano pop” – a unique subgenre of pop music that is melodramatic, quirky and emotional. It is “pop that punches you in the heart” – powerhouse vocals, catchy hooks and sincere lyrics that hit home.

“I consider myself a songwriter foremost. All my songs start with me at a piano and a story to tell.”
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Track Name: Orchestra
All I need now is an orchestra to play me out
'Cause I'm not goin' down, I've found the heart within my sound

I made it rain, I gave you blood
And there wasn't much in the way of forgiveness
You stayed the same, and I backed you up
But you played rough in the game of ambition

And I will know there's a hero in you
When I see it, if I see it
Oh I am through, I don't need you
I got rhythm and I got my freedom

[Repeat Chorus]

I had hope, I had a chorus
Of supporters who loved our commitment
You gave it up though you couldn't afford to
'Cause I'm your only crowning achievement

And you'll believe there's a hero in me
When you need me, if you need me
Oh I am through, I don't need you
I got vision and I got my freedom

[Repeat Chorus]

You can try to shake that stick
But I still got the music
Oh you can try to break my beat
But I still got the music [x2]

[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: Fox
You won't look me right in the eye
I know when you blink, I know your kind
You've been living in hypocrisy
'Cause you don't want love from one, but many
But many, but many

And oh you get all the fox you want
From material love, but you won't ever get me
And oh I give all the fox I get
For a shot at getting off, but you won't be getting any
No you won't be getting any

You've been looking right through me again
We were made of stone, now I'm an apparition
You've been running riot replacing me
'Cause you don't want love from one, but many
And any

[Repeat Chorus]

This is where it all stops
Love is not for some
You always knew how
To make it okay that you could
Love as many hearts
But I was one too much

[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: It Is Written
If someone had told me we'd be here tonight
I wouldn't have to hide my surprise
This is so crazy that we can say this is happening
Is this what it means to be truly happy

'Cause the world opens up
And it's all written in the stars
It's written for the both of us
It's written for the both of us
It's written for the both of us

And now they can carve our names into history
If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be who I get to be
Right now the only sound is our beating hearts
This is what it means to be in love

[Repeat Chorus]

And all of the waiting, waking from daydreams
It's all been worth it, to have this first glimpse
We had our doubts once, now we are so close
Right on the earth's edge, this is our moment

[Repeat Chorus]
Track Name: Change
I'm here, quiet still in the aftermath
And you know I won't overreact
'Cause you and he will always be, I'm sure of that
But answer me honestly, just before this ends

What is it about him that makes you feel unbreakable
Is it something I can ever obtain
What was it about me that lost your love so easily
Is it something I can ever change

It's a fight but only mine and my eyes tonight
The seams will rip and I will quit holding my pillow tight
Will you fall asleep next to me, I need a reason for silence
I'm not enough, and there's the rub
You won't lie with anyone else but him

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh my wits are running thin
I think there's something wrong with me
How do I remain in this skin
When you are the air to my sanity
You could fix this if you would
Just look inside and tell me why it is
It's not me, it's him

[Repeat Chorus]